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    Halima And David’s Wedding Was A Mixture Of Love, Beauty And Fun!

    Halima and David’s wedding video was really epic. It was the talk of the town for friends and family.

    Halima David wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Halima met the love of her life, David, during her 18th birthday party. They had the white wedding of their dreams and it was a lovely sight to behold.

    Halima David KOKO Brides Nigeria

    They started their special day with a dress-up session which was a precious build-up to a perfect day. Halima looked breathtaking in her dress and David made a fine groom in his tux. The lovebirds had a mind-blowing wedding reception to celebrate their love. The dance floor was full of energy and pure vibes. The bride and groom came through their impressive dance moves as guests joyfully joined in the fun.

    Halima and David KOKO Brides Nigeria

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    Enjoy their wedding video below:


    Trending video of the day;

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