#meetthequists21: Anna Arkoh’s Bridal Shower Celebrates Friendship, Sisterhood And Love

Anna and her girls are counting down excitedly to #meetthequists21 in style but first let’s celebrate sisterhood, friendship with a fabulous bridal shower. The girls looked all glammed up in classy dresses as they gathered to celebrate with her.  They chose a minimalist-themed shower with simplicity being done at its best.

#meetthequists21: Anna Arkoh's Bridal Shower Celebrates FriendshipHer friends organized a surprise bridal shower for her and it was everything as they went to several lengths to ensure that it was beautiful and perfect for their girl. The pleasant surprise had Anna gushing and she shared how it all went down. The girls had a fabulous time together and these gorgeous pictures are all the proof that we need. From the decor to the style and food, the goal was clear – something bright, beautiful, and fun.
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Photo Credit: meetthequists21