Sunday, May 19, 2024

    #JardinDeNoël: Mitsuka And Aldin’s #poloclassic Inspired Wedding Shower

    It’s a beautiful countdown to forever for Mitsuka and Aldin and to usher in this new season of their life the couple decided to throw a wedding shower bringing all their favourite people into a room before the big day.

    Mitsuka And Aldin's #poloclassic Inspired Wedding Shower As polo lovers the couple chose a polo classic themed wedding shower and they brought their dream to life even to the T. From the colours to the decor to the aura of the room everything was brought to life perfectly well and we would have to applaud the vendors for a job well done.  A wedding shower is different from a bridal shower or a bachelor’s eve as everyone comes together for this one from both the bride and groom’s side.
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    Let’s share with you pictures from the incredibly fabulous event and get lost in the world of polo but with a bridal twist.

    Photo Credit: mitsuka_attys

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