10 Tips To Help Plus Size Brides Pick Out A Wedding Dress

Shopping for wedding dresses can be stressful for any bride, but for the plus size bride it can be even more stressful. Every bride needs to feel confident and glowing on her day.

You want to feel confident, beautiful and be in love with the dress. Picking the best could come with a lot of hassles and upsets before the final decision is made.

Below is 10 tips to help plus size brides pick out a wedding dress.

Call Ahead: You’ll want to be sure that you can try on dresses in larger sizes, so call ahead of your visit to be sure they have a variety of plus size sample styles for you to try.

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Put comfort first: You’ll be up, down and moving around all day and all night long, so you’ll need all the comfort.

Details can be added: If you fallen in love with a dress but want to add things to it. Don’t be afraid to ask about specific alterations and the costs attached.

Leave your comfort zone: If your bridal stylist recommends something that will look gorgeous on you, then give it a go. She’s the expert, so keep an open mind and take her advice.

Find a specialist: Request a specialist who’s well used in plus size dressing to make the most of your visit. Look for someone who’s not only knowledgeable. Take full advantage and ask plenty of questions.

Adjust the size of the dress for your entire body: For a plus size bride, buying the right size of a gown which fits the curvier part of your body is the most important thing.

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Fabric: Thicker fabric is perfect for plus size brides because it shrinks the figure. If you want a strapless dress, you need to keep in mind that this shape makes your shoulders wider. Avoid the materials that can draw attention to the parts of your body you want to cover.

Location: The location of your wedding is what you consider when picking the perfect dress. Whether its on a beach or at a ranch you would want your dress to be flowy and not too long and also easy to get around.

Take support: Its important that you take support and have people guide and give you their input. This is easy way to pick and choose your wedding dress. They can give inputs on what they don’t or do like about the dress and this can make you see clearly and make you think and also make your decisions.

Be 100% sure: If there is even a small doubt in your mind that your not happy with the dress then make sure that you listen to that thought.


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