Thursday, July 18, 2024

    Aww! Uche And Uzoma’s Beautiful Love Story Will Leave You Grinning Wide

    Behind every beautiful wedding is an amazing love story waiting to be told. We brought you the wedding news, well here is Uche and Uzoma’s beautiful love story. Uche had always known Uzoma was the one, that’s why even after seven yes of relationship, their love is still as beautiful and new as ever. Uche and Uzoma Brides NG

    Walking down the aisle with Uche by her side, was Uzoma’s dream come true, and she couldn’t be more happy to share her story with the world. Bride to be Uzoma revealed that: “October 20th, 2011 remains a day I can never forget. It was the day I knew God answers prayers. Seven years ago, Uche asked me to be his girlfriend,  finally, my crush since I was little noticed me. Uche and Uzoma 2 Brides NgEven as at then, I asked him straight up “where do you see us in seven years?” was so happy that he had finally noticed me but I wanted to throw him off balance with my question. Uche and Uzoma 3 Brides NgThen he replied “getting married, I want us forever”. Oh, my joy! And now, seven days after the seventh year of that promise we will be saying “I do”. Isn’t this just beautiful, teen romance at its finest! Uche and Uzoma 5 Brides NgPhoto Credit: Getty


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