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10 Advantages Of An Open Marriage | KOKO Brides
Friday, June 21, 2024

    10 Advantages Of An Open Marriage

    In recent times marriage has taken on different dimensions and sides as many people are beginning to explore other options they think or consider are best for them. Non-traditional options of marriage are gradually becoming the norm in today’s society and one of them is the term called “Open Marriage”.

    For many, this rings a bell and over the last few years, many people are embracing this type of marriage as society progresses and evolves. Open marriage is a marriage or relationship in which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with others. The thought of this is certainly exciting and you can only begin to imagine the endless possibilities and bliss that comes with it.

    Open marriage is one type of relationship under the larger umbrella of consensual non-monogamy. “open marriage” is really defined by each individual married couple as they set the rules and terms of engagement that will apply for them. Ever wondered what you and your partner will benefit from if you decide to try out this type of marriage let’s share a few with you.
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    1. It is thrilling and liberating
      Marriage sometimes feels like a prison that comes with overwhelming expectations from both partners. Several rules and regulations are outlined with each partner feeling like they have to measure up and live up to expectations. An open marriage relieves you of these responsibilities and allows you both to live above a heavy sexual pressure to always deliver.
    2. It addresses the diverse and greater sex needs of partners
      The marriage offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with different partners so in a case where your wife or husband can longer address or attend to your sexual needs you have a partner who can. Humans evolve in relationships as sometimes they want more sex or a wider range of sex which the wife or husband cannot provide so the outside partners take care of it.
    3. If one of the partners becomes physically or mentally incapable, the other needs are still met
      Life happens in marriages and certain circumstances are beyond both partner’s control and one of them is when a partner can no longer satisfy the other due to a physical or mental illness the other partner isn’t left hanging and they are still provided for sexually.
    4. Higher levels of satisfaction in the relationship
      According to research published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, couples who participate in open marriages report higher levels of overall satisfaction and trust in the relationship.  “An open marriage allows for more sexual freedom within the relationship ironically making couples less likely to break up over a stale sex life.”

      5. Stronger communication skills
      Open marriages require a lot of talking to be fully achieved and certain barriers in communication that couples experience are broken as they fully can discuss anything and everything.

      6. Trust
      In order for a partner to feel comfortable with their spouse dating and/or having sexual relationships with other people, it is necessary that they trust their partner wholeheartedly. They believe that their partner will always come home to them, no matter what. They also trust the decision-making of their partners and hold each other in high esteem.

      7. A deeper sense of love and respect
      It takes a person who loves their partners greatly to look beyond their own selfish interests and ensure that the desires of their partners are met. Many partners in open relationships respect their partner contrary to public belief and will never cross certain

      8. Less sexual pressure
      Spending the rest of your life with one sexual partner automatically puts unnecessary pressure on couples. Pressure to always deliver, surpass expectations, etc. There is also less pressure on you to meet all of your partner’s sexual needs, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy sexual activity with your partner but do it without added tension or anxiety.
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