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    10 Gestures That Can Lead To Sex In a Relationship

    Gestures in a relationship is about creating a bonding experience, allowing you and your partner to connect through experience that will promote closeness and intimacy. Small gestures that say “I love you” often can lead to sex.

    No matter how simple or complex your gestures are, your partner is bound to love them.

    Below is 10 gestures that can lead to sex in a relationship. 

    Breakfast in bed: This gesture is sweet and a lovely way to wake up your partner. Cook up a breakfast of their favourite foods. This often leads to to sex in a relationship and forms a close bond between each other.

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    Share a steamy bath: A steamy bath for you and your partner when you both get home from work. This is relaxing and romantic. A back rub and beautiful relaxing music playing will often lead to sex.

    Support your partner’s interests and hobbies: Having different interests doesn’t mean you’re not compatible as a couple. It is important to support and encourage your partner’s interests and hobbies through encouraging words. By supporting and encouraging them, you will create a stronger connection between the two of you.

    Cuddling: Cuddling is a simple act of holding someone close in one’s arms while lying side by side or sitting close as a way of showing love or affection. This often forms a close bond which often leads to sex.

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    Write erotic notes to each other: Sit down with a pen and paper and write notes to each other. It can be romantic and sexual. This will form a close bond between you two and often this leads to sex.

    Massage: Giving your partner a nice massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. This is the best thing you can enjoy together. This often progresses further and often leads to sex.

    Help with chores: Chores together is fun, especially when their love language is acts of service. You’ll both have fun together and appreciate each other completely.

    Kisses: Kisses on the lips give you both a feeling of love and value. kisses on the lips are equally one of the most important especially when you love each other. This often leads further in a relationship.

    Hugs: Hugs are amazing, especially unexpected ones are one of the gestures everyone loves in a relationship. Hugs often make couples in a relationship worries go away. This form a close bond between each other which often leads to sex.

    Cook for them: A meal cooked by you is much more personal than takeout. It shows you care about your partner deeply and will go at any lengths to please them.

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