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    10 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Partner

    Gifts can convey your intentions as well as your perception of the receiver. It is always a good idea to be thoughtful especially when it comes to gifting your partner.

    Below is 10 gifts you should never give your partner.

    Souvenirs: No one wants a souvenir from a trip they didn’t take. This is awful present you could give your partner and you should never.

    Pets: The decision to adopt a pet requires time, thought, and planning. Not everyone is ready for the responsibility, and gifting a pet commits partner to years of caring for an animal.

    Clothes: Buying clothes for your partner is tricky, and there’s always a risk of choosing the wrong size, which could offend your partner.

    Household Basics: This purchase is a household necessities but your partner may think you’re implying that they keep a dirty or poorly managed household.

    Gym Membership: Signing your partner up for a monthly gym membership could have a negative outcome.

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    Wrinkle cream: You don’t want to give a gift that is intended to cover up flaws. You partner will have then have a lower self esteem.

    Self-help book: No matter how much your partner needs emotional, psychological, or physical help, avoid giving them a book about it unless they specifically says that’s what they want.

    Regifting: Any gift that allows you to re gift should always be avoided. You should never re gift items and give them to your partner.

    Bathroom Scale: This is very insulting to your partner and the worst gift that you can gift your partner. It implies that you think they need to lose weight.

    Diet Cookbook: Similar to gym memberships and bathroom scales, avoid any mention of weight to partner.

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