10 Ways To Avoid A Dysfunctional Relationship

Relationships can make or break people in different ways, being in a toxic relationship tend to cause harm to both parties in the relationship but it becomes worst when a particular partner is the one portraying this toxicity.10 Ways To Avoid A Toxic Relationship

It has been often said that once you find out your partner is toxic, you should run away from such a relationship because trying to change them will not be effective.
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We know relationships evolve, they grow and change most times they even crash and burn. Ladies and gentlemen if you thinking of ways to avoid toxic relationships, then look no more because we will be giving you different ways to avoid such relationships.
Here are 10 ways to avoid a toxic relationship
It is essential to share the same goals, values with your partner while liking each other, but once you and your partner are not compatible or do not share similar values it could be a red flag for your relationship and this might make the relationship end up being toxic.
Don’t settle for less
Making compromises in relationships are necessary, but once you start making too much comprises and starts to sacrifice things that are important to you, it will eventually make you unhappy and with time you could start to resent your partner and your relationship might begin to take a bad turn so it is important for you to not settle for less than you deserve.
Physical attraction is vital in every relationship, you cannot be with someone you have no chemistry with. Having intellectual attraction too is very much important as well. Being in a relationship without chemistry can also cause toxicity.
Give it time
Don’t just jump into a relationship, take time to know who you want to get involved with and observe them carefully to avoid certain problems. Study certain traits about them, give them time to grow, many relationships fail because people keep a suffocating grip around their significant other.
Seek mutual respect
There needs to be respect between partners because without respect a relationship cannot survive. Your partner has to be able to respect your time, values, beliefs, and boundaries, the way you respect theirs.
Prioritize trust
You don’t want to be with someone you cannot trust, before getting into a relationship with someone, ask yourself if you can trust such a person and if the person deserves such trust. And if no then there is no need to enter such a relationship. Doubts are one sure way to breed toxicity in a relationship.
Be with someone who wants you in their future
If your partner doesn’t see you in his/her future or tells you that they are scared of commitments or labels then don’t waste your time with such a person because you might be in a toxic relationship.
Look for more than just physical attraction
Physical attraction is important but it shouldn’t be the main attraction in a relationship, be with someone with who you can sit and talk for hours without getting bored or tired. Someone who can make you laugh, picks your brain these are things you have to consider before getting into a relationship.
Value actions over words
Be with someone who will show you that they love you and that they are sorry, not someone who only says these words but doesn’t act towards it. Words are not enough use actions to back them up.
Find someone with whom you can be vulnerable
Be with someone you can be yourself with, not someone that will make you walk on eggshells. Once you can’t be vulnerable with your partner or share your fears and concerns with them then you are likely to have a toxic relationship.

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