10 Locations You Could Try For A Cheap Date

Date nights are pretty expensive and sometimes require a lot of planning and are capital intensive to put together. Many times couples are overwhelmed with the process and make it a daunting task to carry out. Sometimes couples want to keep it simple and would love it to try out a cheap date but still memorable.

10 Locations You Could Try For A Cheap Date For couples who are on a budget or want to try minimalist and simpler options, we are here to help you and make your options easier. We have curated a number of locations that are perfect for a cheap date and would create a memorable experience for you and your partner.
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  1. Breakfast
    Breakfast is a very simple and intimate cheap date location as your meal option are kept simple and the location is less crowded leaving both of you with enough time to bond and also enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Open Mic
    Open Mics are a great option and a place filled with an amazing number of activities as performers take on the stage to entertain guests like a monologue, singing, performance, etc. You and your date enjoy the different performances and it’s very affordable as most charge a very little fee or are sometimes free.
  3. Home Dinner
    Homemade meals are always romantic a great way for couples and it is incredibly cheap. You could both cue a movie as you eat or you could also cue great romantic music for yourself and your partner especially from the playlist you both share.
  4. Picnic
    A picnic at the beach or at a lovely garden is a great choice for a cheap date as you enjoy a great view of nature and remember the beauty of the world and the magic of love.
  5. Movie Date
    A movie date is simple, intimate, and perfect for a couple to bond and appreciate the love they both share. You could both watch a movie at home over popcorn and a bottle of wine or head over to the cinemas for your date. Movie dates are quite cheap and do not cost quite a lot to afford.
  6. Art Gallery
    An art gallery, the exhibition is a fabulous cheap date idea and if you are both art lovers it’s even better. Watching amazing artworks by talented artists and talking about them together is a fabulous way to spend your time together.
  7. Visit a bookstore
    Walking through shelves of books and speaking about various authors and their style of writing. You could also join a reading club where you both speak with other book lovers about the authors.
  8. Paint and sip

    A sip and paint party is where a group of people come together to drink wine or other beverages and paint artwork. There’s usually an instructor who guides the attendees on how and what to paint. Everyone is given a painting board, brushes, and pinned paper, or a picture of what would be painted.

    9. Home Spa
    You can both treat each other to a lovely spa date at home exploring self-care options and treating each other to a good time. You would cleanse, scrub and both have a great time bonding together over self-care.

    Man shaving with razor in bathroom and woman in background

    10. Gym
    Working out and enjoying a great fitness routine together as you work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You also can try out a couple of workout routines that help you keep fit and active.

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