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    10 Reasons Why Relationships Are Overrated

    Being in a relationship with someone you love can be wonderful, but at the same time, you have to know that it is not all that matters in life. Relationships can be really overrated. People date and break up often, while most people believe being in a relationship is a waste of time others don’t.
    10 Reasons Why Relationships Are Overrated

    Being in a relationship takes a lot of time out of your life, and there is really no need to stress being in one when eventually it might not work out. There is so much one can achieve without being in a relationship, hence we have put together reasons why relationships are overrated.
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    Waxing and shaving become chores
    Being in a relationship can get really stressful, just so you want to look good for your partner you have to wax and shave all the time and it ends up becoming a chore.

    You have to compromise all the time

    We all know that relationships are all about compromises, but then most times you just want to do your thing without any interference and having to compromise.

    Alone time becomes a time of the past
    Remember when you were single and having a blast on your own, being in a relationship takes all of that away from you especially when you need some time alone to take out all your frustration.

    You have to like their friends
    Imagine pretending to like your partners’ friends, that can be really frustrating especially when you find them really stuck up and obnoxious. So why put yourself through all this just in the name of being in a relationship.

    You have to pretend
    Another reason why relationships are overrated is this. For instance when your partner buys you a gift and it is not what you want but you just have to pretend that you like the presents so you don’t seem ungrateful.

    You miss being single
    Being in a relationship for a while might put you on edge and make you miss being single. So what is the need of being in a relationship when you miss being single and wish to be.

    You have to share your food

    Sharing your food with the person you love is cool, but it’s not all the time you want to do this. Imagine having to share your favorite meal all the time with someone other than yourself.

    The relationship gets in the way of your career

    Many people find it impossible to manage romantic relationships while focusing on their careers. Without a significant other, you can stay at the office as late as you want. Maybe once you have secured your career then you can think about getting in a relationship.

    Relationships steal you from your friends
    Remember when you and your friends would swear to never pick a man before each other, well all that changed after you entered a relationship. Now you are in a relationship you don’t get to see much of your friends or hang out like you used to because you are always with your partner.

    Unhealthy relationships can make you unhealthy

    The stress of a bad relationship can last a lifetime, It could also shorten your lifespan. With all the emotional trauma, lack of self-esteem, etc. it could really mess you up. So why then should you stress over a relationship?

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