10 Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Relationships are beautiful and finding someone who makes your heart tick is the best thing ever. Every successful relationship requires work and for long distance relationships (LDR ) more commitment, work, and effort are required. For many, this relationship is a red flag as they cannot manage the distance and be away from their partners but there is a high success rate for LDR’s.

10 Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships WorkDistance shouldn’t be a problem to meeting or ending up with the love of your life regardless of how far apart you are from each other know that you can have a happy, healthy relationship.
Here are a few tips to help your long distance relationship
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  1. Be Committed
    Every relationship requires a lot of commitment and long distance relationships aren’t any different. Both parties should be willing to make it work ensuring that they are both putting in work, forgiving each other, and also addressing the elephants in the room.
  2. Reassure your partner
    They say distance makes the heart fonder and doubts begin to creep in if your partner is truly worthy or if your relationship isn’t a fluke. People wonder if it is really worth it but it is important for both parties to constantly reassure each other that they are worthy, truthful, and are in it for the long haul.
  3. Set Boundaries
    Boundaries are important for every relationship and for long distance relationships it is very important for you to set clear boundaries ensuring that both parties understand their roles, the red flags, and don’t in the relationship. Boundaries help establish and maintain trust in a relationship and trust is especially important in LDRs. Setting boundaries will make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page about what is and is not acceptable in your relationship.
  4. Communicate
    Communication is one of the most essential ingredients to a successful relationship and for long distance relationships, you will need to invest heavily in talking to each other to help your relationship grow. Dedicate ample time for talking and also ensure that you have open conversations where you talk about everything and anything with no holdbacks.
  5. Plan a Holiday, hang out
    We know you are miles apart but ensure that you work towards linking up in the course of your relationship. Consider planing a holiday together so the both of you can see and talk. Physical meetings in the middle of the distance will work wonders for your relationship.
  6. Have a goal in mind
    “How long are we going to be apart?” “What about the future?” These are the questions you two need to ask yourselves. No couple can be in a long distance relationship forever. Eventually, we all need to settle down. So make a plan with each other. Do up a timeline, marking down the estimated times apart and times together, and draw an end goal. It is important that you two are on the same page and have the same goals. So that even if you are not living in the same space and the same timezone, both of you are still motivated to work together in the same direction towards a future that includes one another.
  7. Plan a calendar together
    Have a synchronized calendar that features the activities of both of you and you both can always go back to it to check up on your plans. This calendar should feature your work schedules, social calendar and helps you keep track of each other’s activities. Make a conscious effort to also update the calendar regularly. There are apps created for this purpose like DigiCal, Carlendly, etc.
  8. Technology
    We are grateful for all the inventions and innovative social networks that have emerged over the years and we can boldly say that it has saved a lot of relationships today. There are several apps that allow you to have real-time communication with your partner and also allows you to share moments together without distance feeling like a barrier.
  9. Remember the reason for the distance
    There is a reason why you are both apart in the first place so always remind yourself about this reason and know that your partner did not choose to abandon you and one day you both will reunite again.
  10. Focus on the positive aspect of the distance
    Long distance relationship is not all negative there is certainly a positive side to this and one of them is that you focus on other aspects of your life like your career. Building and investing while you both are away.

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