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    10 Simple Signs Your Partner Is Toxic

    Toxic partners can drain you emotionally and can hurt your mental health. Hearing criticising statements from your partner on a regular basis is toxic.

    Here below are 10 signs your partner is toxic:

    Jealousy: If your partner is constantly jealous over every little thing. You talking to the opposite gender or you being out with your friends. That’s a sign of a toxic partner.

    Lack of support: No support in anything you do. If your partner lacks the capacity to support you in anything you do; then they’re toxic.

    Ignoring your needs: If your partner ignores your needs and what you want. Never putting your feelings and thoughts into account when its comes to decisions and plan making.

    Humiliates you: If your boyfriend or girlfriend constantly humiliates you in front of people in order to please them. This is a sign they are toxic.

    Controlling behaviours: If they have controlling behaviours then they are toxic. Controlling behaviours such as, needing to know everything you do and who you’re with. Trying to manage your money and threatening to out you to everyone.

    Always threatening to break up: If your boyfriend or girlfriend constant uses threats for a break-up every time things get tough then they are toxic.

    Constant judgement: Judgment can be one of the most damaging thing in a partner. If your partner is constantly judging in everything you do. what you wear, what you eat or what you haven’t done.

    Negative energy: If your partner is tense, angry, and furious all the time this is a negative energy and also a sign of a toxic partner.

    Dishonesty: If your partner is always and constantly lying about everything and never confess they have lied to you. This is a sign of toxic in you partner.

    Never apologises: If they never admit wrongdoings and don’t have any respect to apologise to you when they are wrong. This is very much toxic.

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