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    10 Steps To Achieve The Perfect Maternity Shoot

    Documenting your pregnancy journey is one thing moms to be should bear in mind as they embark on the journey to meeting their little one. This journey is a life-changing experience and it is important to document every feel and moment either in a journal, a vlog, or pictures. Maternity shoots are a great way to document this journey and in more recent times pregnant moms are getting creative with the shoot.

     Steps To Achieve The Perfect Maternity ShootOne day you will look back on your journey and tell the story to your beautiful son or daughter. If you are planning to go for a maternity shoot, don’t be shy about your growing body. Remember that you are growing a little human inside you and you look absolutely stunning. Here are 10 tips to make the process beautiful and seamless.
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    1. Define your direction
      What type of maternity shoot would you love to have as you await the arrival of your little one. Having a direction for your shoot will determine your decisions do you want an outdoor or indoor shoot? Do you want a simple or glamourous shoot? Make this decision and make you are on your way to an amazing photoshoot.
    2. Define your style
      Every woman has her personal style and this should reflect in your shoot because you don’t want to look back and wonder if it was really you. There’s no single outfit that works for all women so bear this in mind while picking your looks and you can get a stylist to help with the process. Make sure you pick what you are comfortable in and enjoy every moment.
    3. Pick your Photographer
      Your photographer will determine how your photos turn out so pick a photographer who you are comfortable with and also understands the assignment. In recent times we have photographers who deal with pregnancy and maternity shoots so find one that you connect with and create magic.
    4. Timing
      You have to pick a great time for your shoot and while at it there are steps you should consider like your trimester, You do not want to be too heavy so it makes the shoot difficult to achieve, the weather also plays a role in how your maternity shoot will turn out. Like the rain could prevent an outdoor shoot and spending hours under the hot sun is also a bad idea for the mum to be.
    5. Get your props ready
      There are props that add glam to a maternity shoot and tell a story about the unborn baby or the parents-to-be. Use of props like your baby’s first ultrasound image, cute baby shoes, a board with your baby’s name, a baby stroller, or just balloons can be a great element in maternity photoshoots.
    6. Pick your poses for the shoot and try them out beforehand
      Go through blogs, Pinterest, google images to see if any pose interests you. If you have your own creative, unconventional ideas, be sure to discuss them with your photographer so they know if they are feasible and also safe for you. Certain poses work great with certain locations. Once you have zeroed in on some poses, try them out at home in front of a mirror along with your facial expressions.
    7. Safety
      Ensure that you are safe and properly taken care of during your shoot. If you are having an outdoor shoot make sure you don’t spend so much time under the sun or you have an umbrella to shield you. Make sure food, water, and family members are also present with you during the shoot. Avoid crazy poses that put you in harms way and could hurt your baby.
    8. Get your partner and family involved
      Pregnancy and childbirth are events that affect the whole family. It makes sense, then, to include other people in maternity photoshoots. The partner is the first obvious choice, take some romantic couple shots along with other children in the family.

    9. Keep it simple and natural
      The simpler the shoot, the magical it is as you get to connect with the little miracle growing inside of you. Ensure that you are allowed to feel and experience a deeper connection with your little human.
    10. Have fun
      Remember to have fun during your photoshoot, Don’t fret over small issues we guarantee you everything will be perfect. Relax and have fun with your photographer, crack jokes, and laugh to bring out that mummy glow inside of you.

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