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    10 Things To Do After A Broken Engagement

    Relationships don’t always go as planned, there might be a glitch that will cause you and your partner to go your separate ways or call a quit on the relationship. A broken engagement is never easy to deal with, and having to go through such is a big deal although most people might disagree.
    10 Things To Do After A Broken Engagement

    As a lady, if your engagement to your partner gets called off based on whatsoever reason and you see yourself stuck in a tight corner not knowing what to do, there are certain things that could help you get back on your feet and take your mind off the heartbreaking event you just went through. We have compiled 10 things you can do after a broken engagement.
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    Give the ring back
    First things first, give back the ring. You don’t want to have something that makes you think about the broken engagement you just went through. Most people might want to sell it off or pawn it but it is better to give it back especially so you don’t give your ex an excuse to contact you.
    Cut off all contact with your ex
    After you’ve returned the ring, the next thing to do is cut off communication with your ex. You necessary don’t have to stay friends with someone you were supposed to get married to but didn’t. Resist the urge to text him even if he texts you first, even if the relationship didn’t end badly. The point is that doing this will help you move on.
    Hangout with friends and reconnect with the old ones
    Most times when people get into relationships they tend to cut ties with old friends, especially relationships that would have lead to marriage. So this could be a good excuse to reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen in a long time and hang out with the new ones you got.

    Lean on your family and friends
    If it gets too hard for you, you could always seek support from trusted friends and family members. Have someone you can talk to and confide in, let your close friends or family members know that you are going through a rough patch and they would definitely understand.
    Keep yourself busy
    Don’t just sit at home and sulk, it will definitely bring back memories. Keep yourself busy, if your friends are not available to hang out when you want to, find something else to while away time with. If it is work, keep yourself immersed in it and if you don’t have one then it is the best time to get one.

    Put away all physical memories
    There would totally be tons of things that remind you of your ex, especially if you guys were almost getting married. Discard anything at all that can remind you of the times you spent together. If you can’t bring yourself to throwing everything out into the garbage at least get a box and put them in and keep it somewhere you’ll probably not remember for a long time and then when you have the courage you can then throw them away. This is important if you want to move on, else you’ll be stuck thinking your ex would come back. Maybe sometime in the future when you are in a much better place you might visit some of those memories and laugh over them.
    Take a vacation
    A vacation gives you a break from everything, whether it is in a new state or out of the country. Go somewhere where you can clear your head and relax, it’s is never that easy but having a change of environment would be a great decision to make. Remember it takes time to heal, and the healing will definitely come.

    Pick up a new hobby
    Do something new, meet new people, learn something you always wanted to but never got the chance to. If you didn’t play tennis before you could start now, engage in activities that will help you take your mind off the broken engagement.

    Practice self-care
    Ending a relationship is never easy to deal with especially one that almost led to marriage. Take it easy on yourself, practice self-care, take life one step at a time. You can even enroll in a yoga class or visit a spa for a massage, make self-care a habit.
    Talk to a counselor
    If it gets really difficult for you to process, or you think the broken engagement is taking a toll on you and you don’t see signs of getting better anytime soon, don’t be scared to talk to someone else other than your friends. Get counseling, explain how you feel and where you are hurting. It can be difficult to accept but one thing you should know is that you will definitely meet your right match when the time is right.

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