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    5 Signs You Need to Take A Break From Your Relationship

    Many relationships can recover from taking a break and actually turn out to be stronger than before. Taking a break is a huge decision in any relationship.


    A decision that should be discussed in person with your partner. It can be really hard to have this difficult conversations in person as nowadays it is easy for people to just text or speak on the phone instead.

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    A break can help you figure out what exactly is the reason you are feeling unhappy in the relationship and if anything can be done to change it. It lets you both grow and realise whether you two are meant to be.

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    Here are 5 Signs You Need to Take a Break From Your Relationship:

    You are Unhappy Most Of The time: You have a lot of doubts about whether or not this is working and if they are making you happy.

    You may hate the fact that after spending so much time with each other you need to still think about your relationship. If your relationship is making you feel claustrophobic and puts a pressure of everyday life and is getting to you, take a break from the relationship.

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    Your Social Life is Non-Existent: You feel like your social life doesn’t exist anymore.  Relationships are a big commitment. Not only are you deciding to spend a lot of time with one person, but it also means you won’t be seeing anyone else. You constantly spending time with your partner and forgetting about your friends and family means you need to take a break.

    Easily Annoyed: You eventually get annoyed by everyone including your partner and it’s completely natural to. But always having little arguments, bickering, and conflict is a sign that you need a break.

    DATING KOKOTV0Cheated: Being cheated on is harder to walk away than people think it is. But where the partner has cheated, lied or been hiding the truth from their partner. Feeling heartbroken and the hurt being deep and not knowing what to do with your life means that you should take time for just yourself and take a break in the relationship.

    Not Enough Time: Healthy relationships take a lot of effort. You need to make time for each other and be there for one another. Being together 24/7 is not healthy but being there for each other so you relationships has the time it needs to grow is important. Focusing on things outside the relationship you enjoy such careers and hobbies is also equal as important. But if your passions are taking priority all the time over your relationship, then taking a break can help you get your life in order and focus on yourself first.

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