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    7 Easy Ways To Prevent Baby’s Neck Rashes

    Neck rashes on your baby can be disturbing. Your little one will not feel comfortable with those itchy rashes on their neck, so it is advisable to try as much as possible to prevent the rashes from appearing.Home remedies for nappy rash KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If your baby’s neck rash is related to heat, work to cool your child down by removing clothing, dressing them in cotton or other breathable fabrics, and applying a cool washcloth to your baby’s rash. If it gets worse or fails to clear up with treatment, contact the pediatrician.

    Below are simple ways to prevent neck rash:

    1. Keep your baby’s neck clean and drynappy rash KOKO Brides Nigeria 1

    The skin is less likely to develop a rash if it’s clean and dry. Newborns only need a bath at least 3 times a week until they are able to crawl, but you should still wipe them down.

    If you want to bath your child more often, that’s okay as long as your baby’s skin doesn’t become dry.

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    Don’t allow your child’s drool to pool on its neck, where it might cause a rash. Use a soft cloth to wipe their mouth, chin, and neck to prevent the accumulation of drool.

    If your child’s neck rash is heat-related, turn on the air conditioning or a fan. This will help soothe the rash on their neck.

    There are several ways to cool your child’s skin. You could, for instance, give them a tepid bath or lay a cool, damp towel across their neck. These cooling actions will relieve the itchiness and irritation of the rash and prevent it from spreading.

    If your little one is swaddled in thick blankets or heavy clothing, remove them to allow more air to cool your child’s neck. Improving the airflow should reduce the severity of the rash.

    Cotton absorbs body moisture, which means that the rash will be able to heal without being continually exacerbated by sweat. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, which means it will not cause your child to develop a rash like some other materials will.

    7. Don’t expose your baby to allergens10 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms KOKOBRIDES7

    If your doctor determines that your baby has a food allergy that is causing the neck rash, for instance, keep that food away from them and check food labels carefully to ensure that your child doesn’t accidentally come in contact with it.

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