7 Simple Tips To Treat Your Baby’s Neck Rashes

Your baby’s neck rash can be scary and worrisome.

There are ways to treat these disturbing neck rashes on your baby. Read on to know how.

Specific directions for use vary depending on the product you use, but generally, you can apply a bit of the baby wash to a soft, damp washcloth, then rub it into a light lather. Use the washcloth to gently wash your child’s rash.

  • Unscented baby washes are gentle and designed specifically for sensitive baby skin.
  • After washing your child’s neck, rinse it with cool water and pat gently. Allow some of the water to evaporate from your child’s neck naturally to relieve inflammation.

Moisturizers can help your baby recover from a neck rash. While the specific directions for use vary depending on the product you use, you can generally rub a thin layer of your moisturizer onto your child’s neck after bathing them.

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Apply a bit of the protecting ointment to your fingertip and rub it across your child’s rash.

Calamine lotion (typically used for treating minor rashes and skin irritations) can be used on your child’s neck in the same way.

If your child has been diagnosed by a doctor with a neck rash associated with a yeast infection, you could treat it with a yeast cream. The application method for yeast infection creams varies somewhat based on the specific product you use. Generally, however, you can simply apply a dollop of the cream to your fingertip and massage it gently into the skin of your child’s neck.

If heat rash is not improving noticeably after several hours, consult your pediatrician. The rash could be the product of another condition.

Other common causes of rashes are dermatitis, eczema, contagious skin conditions, impetigo, communicable diseases, and other inflammatory disorders.

If the rash on your child’s neck has gotten redder or appears cracked or weepy, contact your doctor. You should also seek medical attention if your child is crying due to apparent irritation caused by the rash.

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