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    10 Tips To Help You Sleep Train Your Baby/child

    Sleep is essential for our daily lives taking a break from the activities of the day to relax, rejuvenate and also get a very clear mind on how to go through the rest of your day. For your kids/ baby sleep is even more essential as it makes them happy, active, etc.

    10 Tips To Help You Sleep Train Your Baby/child

    Infants aged 4-12 months get between 12-16 hours of sleep during each 24-hour period (including naps) to reap the most health benefits. Children ages 1-2 years need 11-14 hours, and those ages 3-5 need 10-13 hours a day. Sleep training your child requires dedication and also team effort as both parties have to work in ensuring that the children/ baby follows the routine closely.
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    10 Things To Note When Picking A Name For Your Baby KOKOBRIDES71. Keep a Sleep Log
    Keeping a log can help you notice patterns in your baby’s sleep schedule. Start by tracking days and nights for one week, then use the data to figure out their ideal bedtime. There are apps that have made this a lot easier so you can track it effectively. SleepScore, Sleep++, Pillow etc.

    baby koko brides.jpg11111112. Create bedtime routines 
    Bedtime routines are essential for kids as it helps them ease into their daily routine and so creating this routine allows you to map out time for quality sleep. Include soothing techniques such as bathing, reading, or singing lullabies.

    baby koko brides.jpg23. Be strict with your routine 
    One way to successfully achieve anything is to keep a strict routine and a sleep schedule for your baby requires an even stricter routine.

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    Mother kissing and hugging baby

    4. Choose a Sleep-Training Technique
    Effective sleep-training tactics vary by family and child. Here are a few popular options to consider.

    Fading Method: With this method, parents help their baby fall asleep with soothing techniques (feeding, rocking, talking, etc.) Your baby will naturally require less comfort over time, so you can gradually “fade out” of their bedtime routine.

    Ferber Method: Parents check on their crying child at gradually increasing time intervals, which promotes self-soothing and independent sleeping.

    Pick-Up/Put-Down Method: Parents pick up their babies when they cry or fuss, then put them down after they’re comforted, repeating until they fall asleep.

    Cry It Out Method: After their bedtime routine, babies are left to “cry it out” until they fall asleep independently.

    Chair Method: Mom or Dad sits next to the crib in a chair until the baby falls asleep, trying not to soothe if they get fussy. They gradually move the chair further from the crib each night, until they’re outside of the room and out of view.

    mom koko brides.jpg 61

    5. Stay Consistent
    One of the biggest mistakes parents make, no matter what sleep-training method they use is being inconsistent. At some point, your little one will cry for you in the middle of the night—even if you think you’ve all made it over the sleep-training hump. Check on them to make sure all is well.

    mom koko brides.jpg4 .jpg1
    6. Trust yourself

    A lot of mums doubt if they can successfully sleep train their child so they fall in and out of the routine constantly. Trust yourself to be a good mom and you will naturally ease through this phase and survive the difficulties.

    20 Items You Should Include On A Baby Registry KOKOBRIDES187. Create a pattern with your partner and caregiver 
    Have a pattern with your partner that even in your absence the training is still going on and even with your caregiver the routine is still the same.

    babyshoot koko brides228. It might take some trial and error to figure out a method that both you, your partner, and your baby are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to bail on a method if it’s a total nightmare and remember to combine if needed. No one method works for everyone and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. However, once you do find a method you are comfortable with, be consistent for at least one week, to give your baby a chance to learn this new skill.
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