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    7 Basic Rights In An Intimate Relationship That Can Help Love Flourish

    Rights are those privileges one enjoys in a relationship. Knowing your rights in a relationship can help it thrive. Keep in mind that every couple will likely have a different list of rights in a relationship, and this is to be expected.

    Below are some basic rights in a relationship that help love thrive:

    1. The right to boundaries

    One of the most important rights that you may want to think about is the right to have boundaries. This means you should decide what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

    You may also not want to be pressured to do anything. This includes sexual boundaries. Your partner must understand that you shouldn’t be forced to do anything sexually.

    2. The right to privacy

    Something else that you may think is a basic right in relationships is the right to privacy. Perhaps you would like to know that your partner will never go through your phone, emails, mail, or social media pages.

    Expecting respect for one’s privacy is one of the fundamental rights of a partner in a relationship. Another aspect of this is to have your feelings and space that is just for you.

    3. The right to express yourself

    If you have been in a relationship, you are probably aware that there can be disagreements, your partner may do things that you disagree with, or they could even hurt your feelings.

    You can decide that a crucial relationship right for you is that you won’t be silenced. Instead, you should be able to speak up when you feel you have been wronged or you disagree with something.

    4. The right to leave the relationship

    Not all relationships will work out, so you should reserve the right to leave any relationship you are uncomfortable with. Along with basic rights in a relationship, there are also wants and needs that you may have as an individual.

    5. The right to be respected and treated as an equal

    In a pairing, you should have the right to be respected and equal to the other person in the relationship. For example, you need to be able to make decisions together, especially if these choices will impact both of you.

    Both perspectives need to be a part of the process regarding discussions and decisions. If someone doesn’t treat you as their equal, they may not be the one for you.

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    6. The right to safety
    Feeling safe and secure in a relationship is crucial. No one should experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or coercion. Partners should prioritize creating an environment free from harm.

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