How To Burp Your Baby While They Are Lying Down

Burping helps your baby release air that becomes trapped in their stomach. Burping is often most effective right after or in between a feeding, when a child sucks in extra air while feeding on milk or food.

Burping your baby will help him or her release that air, improving their feeding and general comfort.

Here is how to burp your little one while they are lying down:

Remember to support their neck and head with a hand on their chest in order to keep it stabilized.

Again, this may take several minutes; it may be instantaneous. It all depends on the child. Not every feeding needs to elicit a burp, but if your child is writhing or uncomfortable, they may need it in order to continue feeding.

Your child may struggle to burp once, or may burp several times in the course of a feeding. It all depends on their individual constitutions.

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