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Couple's Therapy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Counselling After Marriage | KOKO Brides New Consider Counselling After Marriage 2
Monday, June 24, 2024

    Couple’s Therapy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Counselling After Marriage

    Many believe that counselling begins and ends during the relationship and a few months before saying “I Do” but we all forget that life as a married couple is a different place couples walk into and start to navigate as they go on a daily.

    Consider Counselling After MarriageMarried life is quite tough for a lot of couples as they live their singleton life behind and start to live with their partner in the picture. Building and growing on a daily as they embrace new knowledge and new experiences which determine how the future will play out. Couples welcome kids in their marriage and things become even more complex as parenting responsibilities take over and couples are focused on being the best parents to their kids and gradually lose themselves.

    Counselling for a lot of couples shouldn’t end weeks or months after you say your vows but should continue as you take on new responsibilities, milestones in your life as a couple and in your marriage. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider counselling after marriage.

    1. Better communication and conflict management
      When two becomes one values, ideas and emotions begin to clash and often couples disagree over certain issues. It is impossible for couples to live together without fighting and disagreeing but there should be a way to manage conflict in your marriage so couple’s counselling is a great way to learn conflict management and tips to communicate better.
    2. Deepen your emotional connection
      As life goes on work, kids and other responsibilities get in the way, couples may have less time to connect with each other. Over time couples start to feel alone and overwhelmed with responsibilities with an unspoken distance building between them. One party starts feeling alone in the relationship like they are only here to fulfill a responsibility. Couples counseling can help you reconnect and prioritize each other, leading to better emotional intimacy and secure attachment.

    3. Improve Sexual connection
      Many times in marriage the sex becomes boring with many couples struggling to ultimately satisfy their partner and it is difficult to talk about this aa they want to avoid making their partner feel less about themselves.   A couples therapist can help you and your partner discuss your sexual concerns, desires, expectations, and unmet needs in a supportive way that can help you get the sex lives you want in counseling.

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    4. Difficult change or life event
      Life happens to couples as they go through life while being married it could be an upgrade like an upward social movement, loss, etc. and these events bring a strain in the relationship. As time goes on these issues need to be addressed and if ignored could impact the relationship. Counseling is a great place to address the issues, events and understand how your partner feels about these issues, events.

      Couple on a Valentine’s Day date
    5. Dealing with relationships
      When a couple walks down the aisle certain relationships in their individual lives become united like their families, work, and friends. Over time couples struggle with relating with certain members in these relationships and sometimes it becomes a major issue in their union. Counseling will help couples address this relationship and also teach them how to handle these relationships.
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