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    10 Relationship Cliches You Should Avoid

    Relationships are such an exciting journey but it is filled with their own up and downs that make the whole experience what it is. There are relationship cliches many struggles with you hear, find and see these things around with couples, partners, and other dating spheres.

    10 Relationship Cliches You Should Avoid Today we share a list of relationship cliches we have found, heard, seen and we would share tips to help you navigate them and also address these issues. These are things couple’s friends say or just general wisdom that you hear about love and relationships.
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    1. “All Men are scum/ They all cheat”
      This is a very popular relationship cliche many women have held on to over the years spanning from bitter relationship experiences and stories that they have heard but it is important to note that generalizing the character, the mindset of all men to a certain phrase breeds doubt in your heart and also affects your dating options as you move along. All men are not the same and one day you will meet a man that is amazing, awesome. Every gender has the ability to be scum, cheat not only men do this.
    2. “If the best friend is of the opposite sex they are having an affair”
      Many people today struggle with accepting that the opposite sex can successfully be friends as they believe that there is a sexual favour going on between the two. Friendship has boundaries and both parties recognize that and act accordingly. Breeding doubts that the two are involved ruins your relationship and also makes it difficult for you to build a friendship with the other person.
    3. “He must pay for every date”
      Most women believe that every date must be paid for by the man and all they need to do is arrive and enjoy the experience. No rule in the book says this and it isn’t a bad idea if you offer to occasionally pay for dates or even plan a special experience for him, both of you like he does every time.
    4. “Emotional connections are overrated”
      Many believe that physical connections are what a relationship requires and if the physical is taken care of every other thing will fall in place. Forn deep emotional connection with your partner where you both talk about everything, spend hours having random connections about trending issues, crucial topics and from there you discover more about them than you can ever imagine. People reveal more about themselves in conversations than anywhere else.
    5. “Sex fixes all things”
      Sex doesn’t have the power to fix all things and should never be used as a weapon in your relationship. Couples should address, talk about their issues, and never use sex as a way to ignore the elephant in the room.
    6. “If you can’t love me at my worst, you can’t love me at my best”
      Many people have found a way to weaponize this phrase as a way to make their partners accept the emotional baggage they bring on and they believe that their partners should accept without demanding accountability from them or they seeking help and being willing to change.
    7. “There are plenty of fish in the sea”
      Once a problem emerges in a relationship many are known to use this phrase reminding their partner that they don’t have to stick around and they could be on the next available bus, flight to a new relationship. There are no relationships without issues and no matter how hard you run from them they will always be there. Do not think that the next fish in the sea is perfect they’ve got their flaws so make a conscious effort to address issues and concerns in your relationship.
    8. “Love conquers all”
      One relationship Cliches we must avoid is the belief that Love conquer all because it is not a superhero that makes everything right. There are major issues in every relationship and love is not enough to battle them. If you have questions, doubts in your relationship address them and never imagine that one day you will love your partner enough to make it go all away.
    9. Comparison
      A famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt says Comparison is the thief of joy and we couldn’t agree more. Constantly comparing your partner to others will make you miss out on the amazing and beautiful personality your partner possess. Never ask your partner “Why can’t you be like………… Appreciate their differences, personality and work with them on their flaws.
    10. “I wish you were this rather than…..
      Anyone who wants to regulate their partner’s personal choices, like how they dress or what they eat, wants a hostage, not a relationship. But that doesn’t mean they can’t voice their opinion or say their feelings,” Appreciate their choices and introduce them to others but never condemn their views and choices outrightly.
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