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    How To Fire Up Sexual Intimacy In A Relationship

    Sexual intimacy is key to any positive relationship. It helps to build love and trust between partners.

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    Couples are more open to each other through sexual intimacy and they are also best friends of each other. This is the more reason you should improve sexual affection in your relationship.

    Here are great ways to improve sexual affection in your relationship:

    1. Relax your attitude toward sex


    Sex is about two people physically connecting and enjoying each other. Make it fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, not stressful. It is a time for you to be yourself and bond with the person you love and care for.

    2. Set the scene for romance so that intimacy will blossom

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    Build romance with a date night and spend some quality time together before you head to the bedroom. This will make you heat up.

    Your date night does not have to be expensive. Simply create an environment that stimulates all 5 senses to get turned on before sex.

    3. Give your partner a sensual massage

    Massaging your partner will help you get to know your partner’s body, and put both of you in the mood. Dim the lights and put on some slow, sensual music to get the atmosphere right, then get ready to enjoy each other.

    4. Talk openly about sex with your partner

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    Communication is key to a positive sexual experience. If you are shy, talk to your partner about how you feel. With an open dialogue, you’ll be more comfortable. Your physical intimacy will blossom when you start to feel truly comfortable around your partner.

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    5. Go to bed at the same time

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    Going to bed as a couple gives you an opportunity to connect in a physical way—even if you don’t have sex.

    This physical intimacy might include cuddling or incidental touching, but even just laying next to each other creates a feeling of togetherness that it’s hard to duplicate any other way.

    6. Explore each other’s bodies through foreplay

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    Foreplay is a huge part of building intimacy. Intercourse is only one part of sexual intimacy.

    Without foreplay, you are definitely missing out on a lot of the physical, spiritual, and emotional bonding that can happen during a sexual encounter. Take the time to caress and enjoy each other’s bodies with intention.

    • Foreplay is an excellent way to discover your partner’s likes and dislikes, as well as their particular “hot spots” and what really turns them on.
    • You also help get each other “in the mood” if you aren’t already. It’s a great way to build up to further sexual excitement by turning each other on—and it’ll make the intercourse that follows even hotter.

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