6 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Co-worker

Office relationships are considered a red flag for many people, a lot of people consider it a major problem especially with their career as it may jeopardize the future they are trying to build in the company or their career. You spend a lot of time with your colleagues and there is a high chance that you begin to find them attractive and end up dating a Co-worker.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Co-workerDating someone you work with is a great idea and comes with numerous advantages that overshadow the challenges many choose to focus on. If you find yourself attracted to a co-worker, follow these rules
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  1. You share the passion to build your careers
    Having the same career path and workplace will help you easily build your career and set similar goals. You both work in the same industry so you could share ideas and insight on ways to advance in your career and build a sustainable future together.
  2. Your coworkers have already been “screened”
    HR has done thorough research about your partner with enough background checks to find out everything you need to know about them. So your concerns about them being crazies are well taken care of. Also, they would share deep friendships with certain colleagues who can give you certain things about them that would not be public information.
  3. You spend enough time together
    Time is essential for the success of any relationship and one thing many couples complain about is not having enough time with their partner but for you, you have more than enough more time as you spend most hours of the day together in the same environment.
  4. You get spoilt every time
    Imagine getting random love notes at your desk, constant lunch, nasty texts, and also a quickie in the bathroom. This and more at the goodies available when you opt to date a co-worker. Endless possibilities of romance and good loving.
  5. You’ll always have a bright spot at work
    When you have a bad day at work there is someone a few steps away to cheer you up and also remind you that you are amazing. When you need help with your workload there is someone more than willing to make it lighter and also offer great comfort to you.
  6. You can play date nights, other fun activities with no interruption.
    You can tell bae a few hours to get ready for date night and other fun activities without wondering what they could be doing because you already know and even more fun is the spontaneous spark and effect that your relationship gets to enjoy.

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