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    Love Is A Beautiful Thing: Four Dating Tips To Finding Your Soulmate

    Love is a beautiful thing and we all long for that one person who takes our breath away, and loves us right.


    Well, too bad that sounds more like a Disney fairytale than it is real life.

    But don’t get me wrong.

    A good number of lucky couples out here are living that dream many of us are still chasing.

    At the end of the day no one wants to grow old and die alone. We want to share our experiences and spend our lives with a genuine person who is there for the right reasons.

    And for these and many more reasons, you must want to settle for the right person.

    This is a serious life decision and if you’re not careful, you may be left with a messy divorce case to deal with and an annoying partner you have to co-parent with.

    To avoid disastrous outcomes and heartbreak, here are some dating tips on finding the right person you might want to consider:DATING 102 KOKOTV9

    1. Take your time: Rome wasn’t built in a day and so will your relationship. Running into a relationship without getting to know the other person well is a recipe for disaster. Take is easy.

    Don’t allow attraction and chemistry to cloud your judgement into thinking you have found the one.

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    Before taking it further take a step back and analyse everything.

    How will that person fit into your life, are you on the same life path, will you have to move, do they have children, what does your family think and so many other issues you need to wrap your head around.

    DATING 102 KOKOTV62. Build a foundation first: Many of us are guilty of jumping into relationships when everything seems to be going right. We forget that everyone is at their best behavior when trying to impress.

    During the early stages of getting to know each other, we rarely see faults because we are blinded by love and emotions.

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    One of the best and sure ways for a relationship to succeed is by building a strong foundation based on friendship, respect and values.

    If they don’t align, don’t waste your time because it will never work out. There is no such thing as hoping someone will change in future or once you’re married.

    DATING LOCATION KOKOTV43. Watch out for red flags: Never down play red flags no matter how small they may appear. Don’t make excuses for the other person. Remember, you are looking for a life partner and there is no room to get it wrong.

    If you notice toxic behavior that may affect the health of your relationship, cut your losses early before investing your time and emotions further.

    Always trust your instincts, listen to what people around you are saying about them and watch how they act.

    Take note of controlling behavior, jealousy, possessiveness or their inability to communicate. If they’re always high, or they are purely physical.

    DATING LOCATION KOKOTV34. Be intentional: In most relationships, the first few weeks and months are spent together but as time goes by and you’re officially an item, the momentum you started with starts to slow down.

    Invest time and put in effort to build the relationship and continue doing what you were doing when you first met.

    Go on dates, surprise her with flowers, cook him his favourite food and whatever else that may make the other person feel loved.

    You must give each other attention and spend time as a couple no matter your busy schedules or life’s stresses.DATING KOKOTV6Photo Credit: Getty

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