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    10 Tips To Deal With Toxic Family Members

    We do not get to choose our family no matter how toxic they are. Families can be very controlling, judgmental, critical, and overbearing. It is important to be strong and have a strong support system to get through this.


    Below is 10 tips to deal with toxic family members.

    Talk it out: Approach the conversation in a calm manner and give them examples of times they are toxic. Explain to them that being toxic is not healthy for the family.

    Stand up for yourself: Let them do all the fight but do not let them take an advantage of you. Instead of reacting emotionally or defensively, stand up for yourself and do not have them treat you badly.

    Don’t change: Do not please others just because they do not appreciate you as a human. If your family can not see what harm their behaviour is causing, it is their problem not yours.

    Forgive but don’t forget: It is hard to forgive someone who is not seeking forgiveness but if they do happen to apologise move past it but do not forget how bad they treated you.

    Distance yourself: It is important that you distance yourself from the poison. Move out if you can from family. It will just make you unhappier if you keep living with them.

    Maintain a strong support system with positive people: Talk to someone positive. This can be a friend or even a therapist. Talk about what your going through and how unhappy it is making you.

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    Don’t overthink: Don’t let family members take over you life and have their toxic behaviour spread poison in your mind and your thoughts because it will affect how you think and how you deal with others.

    Don’t seek validation: Respect can never be demanded, it is something that comes naturally. Don’t expect them to change and do not wait on them.

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    Consider why: Try to understand why they act the way they do. Maybe this will excuse your family behaviour. It might give you some clarity and help guide you. You can talk about the issues with family and hopefully this will resolve it.

    Avoid triggers: If it gets hectic during holidays then it is best to stay away during that time. You should be able to know what time it gets toxic.

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