Monday, July 15, 2024

    2Face’s Sons Strike Beautiful Pose With Their Mother At Baby Brother’s Christening

    Popular Nigeria singer 2Face’s sons, Nino and Zino, have been captured in new photos with their mother, Sumbo Adeoye and new born brother, Prince David Adeoye. Sharing the photos on social media, Sumbo revealed she has been having miscarriage for the past four years.
    2Face sons koko tv ng

    She wrote, “What I carry in my hand is a miracle from God. We went through so much but to God be the glory, David is here. I can’t count the number of losses. I have been pregnant every year since I got married. Finally David is here. He came when I was like I don’t want to keep taking babies from my womb. I am tired. That was when God decided to say Okay, I am taking over the wheel and God just gave me this one”.
    2Face sons koko tv ng 2
    Photo Credit: Getty

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