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    Felix And Soyoung Paul’s Nigerian-Korean Family Is All Shades Of Goals

    We love our beautiful love stories and this one between Felix and Soyoung is melting hearts every step of the way on social media. It’s beautiful to see people cross boundaries, cultures and travel several seas to find love where they least expect. An Akwa Ibom man in Nigeria traveled to South Korea during a work assignment where he found love and something more.

    Felix And Soyoung Paul's Nigerian-Korean Family Is All Shades Of Goals

    Felix and Soyoung got married in 2014 and 7 years later they now have 3 beautiful kids¬†together: 2 girls and a boy who are a reminder that love knows no boundaries, culture, or race. We can’t get over the beautiful display of culture as the family rocked an Ankara fit paying homage to his fatherland. Felix shared what it feels like to find love several miles away from home.
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    He wrote: “I was born and raised in Nigeria and found love during a work assignment in South Korea. Got married in 2014 and since then Our biracial family has grown. We now have 3 beautiful kids and have lived in different countries as my work continues to give me the opportunity to travel and live in some of the best countries in the world, UAE, South Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Canada, etc.”
    See more photos of the lovely family below.

    Photo Credit: @mrfjpaul

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