15 Fun But Important Questions To Ask Bae Before Saying I Do

Some of these questions might seem silly now but trust us, they would definitely come handy in the future. Though getting some No’s there doesn’t mean you have to end the relationship, but it means you at least know how to adapt and make things work. Below are the twenty fun but important questions to ask the love of your life before saying I do

  • Peppery meals or not
  • Choice of TV programmes
  • Lights on or off
  • Washing of plates immediately after meal or not
  • Toothpaste from the top, bottom or middle
  • Toilet seat up/ down
  • Eba hard or soft
  • Soft or hard plantain
  • With Duvet or without
  • Air conditioning or fan
  • Pajamas to bed or not
  • Loves to sleep on the left or right side
  • Socks on at home or not
  • Food tasting while still cooking or not
  • Wizkid or Davido