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    7 Household Items You Can Use For A Great Workout

    You can turn your home into a personal gym by using household items as weights. With these items, you can get in a great workout without any exercise equipment at all.famly exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Below are household items you can use for an effective home workout:

    1. Chair or stoolchair exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria

    A chair or stool can be used in a few different ways. With a kitchen chair, you can use the back of it like a barre and do barre exercises with it as your balancing tool. Barre exercises for this can include all those little motions with your feet that tone your glutes and squats.

    You can also use a low stool like a step to tone your glutes and quads. You can do something as simple as stepping up and down. You could also do fast footwork up and down, forward and back and sides if you feel confident your stool isn’t going to move out from under you.

    2. Full backpackbagpack exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria

    A full backpack can be used as a weight while you’re doing a variety of workout moves. You can pack it with some weight and wear it on your back (or front) while you run, do squats or even go for a walk. You can also strap it to your back while you’re doing push-ups so that you’re moving extra weight up and down.

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    3. Hand towelhand towel exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria

    A hand towel is another household item that can have a few different uses. A hand towel can be used as a resistance band. You can hold each end in your hand while sitting on the floor and put your foot in the middle of the towel. Gently raise your leg with your hands and the towel for a great stretch.

    You can also use a hand towel in place of a glider. Place the towel on the floor under one of your feet and move it around while holding the rest of your body stable. This works a variety of your leg muscles (but primarily your glutes and core).

    3. Laundry detergent

    laundry detergent workout KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Those laundry detergent jugs are quite heavy, making them great as a weight. You can lift them as weights for the easiest at-home workout. You can also hold the laundry detergent to your chest while you do squats to add extra weight to the bodyweight workout.

    4. Laundry basketHousehold item

    When your hamper is full, carry it around the house or up and down the stairs. Make the walk to the washer and dryer a little longer than it needs to be so you can get some extra steps in.

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    5. Stairsrunning stairs exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If you’ve got stairs in your house, they are good for working out. The simplest way to use them is to walk up and down. Add some weights for a harder workout by carrying them or wearing them.

    You can also use the bottom stair to step up and down like you did the stool. Another way to use your stairs is by doing push-ups on them. Plant your feet on the ground and lean forward onto the stairs.

    6. Mop or broomexercising at home KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Like most of these household items, a broom can be used a couple ways. If you want to do a little cardio and work on your fast feet, lay your broom down on the floor and jump back and forth over the handle. This will get your heart rate up and get your blood pumping.

    You can also incorporate a mop or broom into your ab workout. While doing sit-ups, hold the broom handle in your hand while you sit up and down. You don’t necessarily need any equipment for this, but the addition of the broom helps keep your form as you’re sitting up.

    7. A wallhome workout KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Find an open space on your wall and stand with your back to it. Walk your feet out as you squat so that you end up with your knees at a 90-degree angle and your thighs parallel to the floor. Keep your back against the wall so that you look like you’re sitting on a chair. Hold this for 30-second intervals to work your leg muscles.

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