Great Ways To Compliment Your Guy’s Personality

Guys love to receive intelligent, personal compliments.Compliments

Score some extra points with that special guy of yours by giving him genuine compliments. This shows how much you appreciate him for who he is.

Here are some great ways to compliment your guy based on his personality:

Everyone likes to hear that they’ve got good taste. Telling someone that the things they like are cool, fashionable, or intelligent is a subtle way of saying that they have these qualities. For this reason, it’s almost always better to appreciate your guy’s choice rather than directly saying “You have good taste.” Below are just a few topics you may want to use for accolades, along with examples:

  • Movies: “You have great taste in films. From now on, we’re having movie night at your house!”
  • Art: “That poster on your wall? Classic! Where do you find this stuff?”
  • Literature: “Hey, you have this book!? That’s one of my favorites! Much respect.”
  • Philosophy: “Wow, I never thought about things that way. You have some really great ideas.”

Guys love getting compliments about their skills, especially if it is about something they’ve taught themselves or something they know how to do that few other people do. For a guy, the praise he gets for a skill he’s learned is an added reward for putting in the time and effort necessary to master it.

Guys get scared just as easily as anyone else, but they’re often reluctant to show it for fear of looking weak. This is no reason to avoid giving them a compliment for their bravery when they have to do something difficult.

By telling him you think he makes good choices, you’re saying that you respect him. Everyone likes hearing that they made a smart decision; no one likes hearing that they made a dumb one. Appreciating a guy on a decision they recently made is a roundabout way of complimenting his instincts and intelligence.

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Praising a guy’s sense of humor is an excellent way to boost his ego. On its own, laughing at a guy’s jokes is a harmless gesture of appreciation with no romantic implications. On the other hand, laughing while subtly making physical contact or moving close to him can signal your interest.

Giving your guy some accolades on his smarts is a great way to show that you appreciate him for more than just his surface qualities.

In some places, intelligence is more highly valued in men than physical attractiveness. It can be an indicator of social status and earning potential.

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