A Couple That Plays Together Stays Happily Married Forever! Fun Drinking Games For You And Your Partner To Enjoy

Drinking games are a great way for couples to have a little fun with each other and connect at the same time.

Here are some fun drinking games for couples:

Write several trivia questions about yourself and the relationship (and have your partner do the same). Put them on paper slips in a bowl; they can be general, deep, or even naughty—it’s up to you! Then, take turns asking questions. If either of you answers incorrectly, you must then take a drink.

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All you need for this game is a quarter. Flip it, and have your partner guess whether it landed on “Heads” or “Tails.” If they’re wrong, they have to take a sip of their drink. Flip the coin again and let them try to guess it; this time, they must remove a piece of clothing if they’re wrong, and their turn is over. Take turns doing this for as long as you like!

play Spin the Bottle

To play this version of the game, set up a number of sexy objects (like chocolate or a blindfold) in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle with your partner. When they spin the bottle, tell them to do something sexy (and inventive) with whatever object the bottle landed on. Then, every time you or your partner completes an act, take a drink for good measure!

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