Healthy Ways To Prepare Your Girl Child For Puberty

Having an honest conversation with your girl child about puberty will help to prepare her for the changes that puberty will bring.

One best way to prepare your girl is to explain the changes her body will be going through, menstruation, and sex openly and answer any questions she asks.

Below are ways to help prepare a preteen for puberty:

One of the most noticeable changes that may occur to girls during puberty is the growth of breast tissue. Explain to your child that this is normal, and that is happens differently for every girl. Take her shopping for a training bra when this development starts, to help her feel comfortable about her changing body. She will feel very happy about this.

As your daughter gets older, she should take control of her own personal hygiene and work out a schedule for it. Make sure she understands that she should shower or bathe at least twice a day and wash her hair at least twice a week. Help her decide whether she wants to do so in the morning or in the evening before bed.

Most teens deal with acne to some degree, but good hygiene can minimize it. Show your girl how to wash her face properly in the morning and evening to prevent the buildup of oil and dirt, which can cause breakouts. If her skin is dry, demonstrate how she can moisturize her face after washing it.

During puberty, the underarm sweat glands are stimulated, causing sweat and odour. Buy your daughter underarm deodorant, which will reduce the smell of body odour, or anti-perspirant, which will cut down the sweat produced. Tell her to apply it every day after washing.

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Assure your girl child that the growth of body hair is perfectly normal during puberty, particularly on the underarms, pubic area, and legs. Tell her that shaving is her choice and not necessary if she doesn’t wish to do it. If she does, show her how to do so safely to avoid injury.

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