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    9 Important Reasons Children Should Not Consume Junk Foods

    Junk foods have little or no nutritional value that is needed for the healthy growth of children.

    Though junk foods can be enticing, they are mostly processed and not healthy for both children and adults.

    Below are some of the reasons you shouldn’t give your children junk foods:

    1. Obesity

    Junk foods do not contain all the necessary nutrients that are needed for the normal growth of children and as such, cause obesity in these young ones, which may even exceed childhood if their diet is not carefully monitored.

    2. Insufficient nutrients

    Junks are mostly fats and have low nutrients in them. They are high in cholesterol which are harmful to the body. Most of them are processed, flavoured with artificial sweetener and coloured to make them look irresistible.

    All these additives do not help in the normal growth in young ones. Your kids need nutritious foods like fish, milk, eggs etc. as much as possible to aid proper development and growth of their body.

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    3. Memory and learning problems

    Healthy foods lead to long-term memory. Reverse is the case for unhealthy foods. Instead of giving children junks, substitute them for fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, eggs.

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    4. Inability to control appetite

    Excess consumption of snacks can make your child’s appetite insatiable. This may also make them develop the habit of always choosing junk foods in place of healthy foods.

    5. Leads to fatigue and weakness

    Junks do not provide the immediate energy the body needs to function properly. Instead, they reduce the energy level and make it difficult for children to play and perform their daily task.

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    6. Leads to fluctuations in sugar level

    Junks contain high content of sugar and if taken excessively, can increase the sugar level in the body beyond the normal amount, thereby causing fluctuation in body sugar level.

    7. Dental problems

    Because of the high sugar content contained in these foods, when they are taken excessively, can cause oral problems like tooth decay and gum irritation.

    Most likely, children with dental problems may find it hard to sleep. They are more likely to have a constant headache which can lead to lack concentration in school.

    If kids have dental problems in early in life, it will most probably persist beyond childhood.

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    8. Frequent constipation

    Junks contain low fibre. Low fibre in the body leads to constipation, which causes stomach discomfort and frequent stooling. Constipation disturbs the overall comfort of a child’s body and prevent them from being active.

    9. Triggers facial reaction

    Children grow up to become teenagers. Teenage-hood comes along with puberty of which may include pimples, acne and other facial outbreak amongst other development.

    Excessive consumption of junk food at a young age can give rise to these facial outbreaks, especially when fatty foods are eaten in excess.

    The cholesterol accumulated in a child’s body system from eating junks can spike facial reactions when he or she enters the puberty stage. Notably, eating healthy foods can reduce facial outbreak like pimples and acne.

    Nevertheless, healthy lifestyle shouldn’t just start overnight in your child’s teenage years, it should start as early as they are little – up till the time they hit puberty and beyond.

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