Keeping Your Baby Safe At Night

Healthy sleep is important for your baby. Babies tend to sleep so rapidly during the first year of their birth. This is so because sleep helps them to grow, develop, heal, and repair wounds. Since so much time is spent sleeping during their first year, your newborn is safe.

However, a safe sleeping environment and habits are important for your baby to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Below are ways to keep your child safe during sleep at night:

Babies can overheat or suffocate if the crib is full of soft materials that block the newborn’s face, especially if she hasn’t learned to roll over yet. Your baby should sleep in a crib or bed that has a firm mattress and a clean fitted sheet. Don’t put any blankets, pillows, or soft toys in it.

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While you shouldn’t necessarily sleep with your child in your bed, keeping the child in your room during the first six months can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Your baby learns to regulate his breathing, you can respond to feeding demands, and calm any fussiness quickly when you share a room.

If your child is bottle fed, don’t leave a bottle in the crib when you put the child down for naps or bedtime. Babies can learn to depend on the bottle to fall asleep and the bottle is a choking hazard.

Since you aren’t putting your newborn in a crib or bed with blankets and pillows, you might think that your child will be cold and need extra layers. But, babies that are too hot are at an increased risk for SIDS. Avoid swaddling them since this can keep him too warm and become loose becoming a choking hazard. Adjust the temperature if you are concerned about your child being cold as opposed to overdressing him.

To tell if your baby is too hot:

  • Feel if his neck and head are hot or sweaty
  • Look for a heat rash or redness on his face
  • Watch for rapid breathing or restlessness

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