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    5 Simple Ways To Make The Burping Process Easier For Your Baby

    Burping helps your baby to release trapped air that results from overfeeding or feeding too fast.

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    Below are simple ways to make burping process easier for you and your baby:

    1. Try to breastfeed, not bottle-feed.

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    Breastfeeding is an easier way to avoid the need to burp, as the flow of milk is much more restricted. Bottle-feeding often forces the babies to gulp air along with the milk.

    2. Feed your baby in a (more or less) upright position.

    Make burping process easier

    Hold your baby at a 45° angle when breast- or bottle-feeding. This lowers the chance that the baby will need to burp by positioning the baby in an easier position to swallow.

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    3. Aim for frequent, lighter feedings.

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    Long, heavy feedings present a higher chance of letting the baby gulp in excess air. Try to keep the feedings light and frequent instead.

    4. Get feedback from your baby about whether they need to burp.

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    In between suckling, look at your baby and try to gauge their comfort level. An uncomfortable grimace on your baby’s otherwise pleasant lips may mean that she needs to burp. If the baby relaxes her face again and seems content, the urge to burp has probably passed.

    5. Know that not every feeding is accompanied by burping.

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    Some babies burp more than others, and even then, there will come times when your otherwise burp-happy baby won’t need to burp. As your baby grows older, their ability to self-regulate will improve and their need to burp will fade.

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