Common Mistakes To Avoid In A New Relationship To Help Establish A Healthy Union

Being in a new relationship can be exciting and fun for you. But there are some things you should avoid in order to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

Here are some mistakes to avoid in a new relationship:

1. Coming on too strong

It is necessary to know what you want from a prospective partner, and to be clear about that. But to lay everything out on the table straight away, will put your partner off.

2. Being too rigid in what you want

It is always good to have an idea of the sort of person with whom you would like to settle down. In as much as this is important, being too rigid in the early stages of a union can kill promising relationships.

Think about what that other person is as an individual, not in terms of their political beliefs or whatesoever. Put away the checklist. It is a bad idea to interview someone on the first few dates.

3. Performing for them

When you are in a new relationship, be yourself. It is not necessary trying to be perfect for someone who is not perfect. Let them accept you with all your imperfections. Trying to act in pretence will not help in the long run.

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4. Not learning from past relationships

Look at the mistakes you have made in past and try to work on them. Do not repeat such mistakes in your new relationship.

Before entering into any union, make sure you work on yourself. You know your flaws and your strengths, so do well to see that you are a better version of yourself.

5. Moving too fast

Take your time to know the person you want to settle down with. Don’t be in a haste, and never put pressure on yourself. Enjoy the friendship with your significant other while you both take things slowly.

6. Ignoring red flags

Do not ignore red flags. You know what you do not like.

It could be that you don’t like it when people raise their voices, but your partner always raise their voice. Because you find them so attractive, you ignore the red flag. If you ignore red flags, you will end up in a horrible relationship.

It is not just about you alone. Watch out for their behaviour to other people as well. If your significant other is being rude to others, then beware!

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7. Posting too much online

Be mindful of what you post online. You are just getting to know each other, so don’t make post too much on social media.

8. Not establishing clear boundaries early on

The first few months of a union set the tone for the rest of your time together. If you have allowed the relationship to be on the terms of your partner, you will find it hard to come back from that. You need to respect yourself and set clear boundaries when you are in a new relationship.

9. Being too available

When you think you have found the one you want to be with, it can be tempting to cancel all your plans and hole up together.

You may stop contacting your friends, and start scheduling your entire life around when you may see them. You may even sideline any hobbies or interests you have.

Doing all of these is not healthy for you as it will make you not to focus on the dreams you have before you met your partner.

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