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    6 Amazing Things To Do Daily With Your Children

    As a parent, it is always good to find a balance between training, caring, and being your children’s friend.

    When you do this, your children will see you as a parent and also a friend and with that, they can tell you everything on their mind.

    However, this can sometimes be challenging, especially as a busy mother, but you can overcome those challenges with these simple tricks:

    1. Play Funny Wakeup Songs

    Play a song that gets them up and ready for the day. It will help train them about punctuality, time management and responsibility while still bonding and having fun with them.

    2. Read Books Together

    You should make it a daily routine to read short stories with your children. As your children grow older, you can also allow them to read the stories to you. This will help improve their reading skills while also strengthening the bond between you two.

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    3. Allow them to make some choices

    It is necessary to control the diet of your children because they need all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion. While doing this, you can also allow them to pick what they get to eat at lunch in school.

    This will educate them on the pros and cons of the food they pick and it will teach them how to make better decisions.

    4. Watch television programs with them

    Watching TV programs with your children will help to control what they watch and you still get to bond with them. It is also a great way to start conversations to know what is going on with them.

    5. Do some DIY with your children

    You can do some fun and engaging activities with your children on weekends, like decorative items, scrapbooks, drawing and painting, cooking, and so much more.

    This is a fun way to get your kids to do mentally challenging things and explore their creativity

    6. Smile at your children

    Even when you are very busy, a smile followed by the reason you are not going to be available will make them more understanding.

    Once you make this a constant thing, even when you are not in a good mood, they become a source of joy to you.

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