8 Words To Say To Your Children To Make Them Feel Positive Always

Words have a lot of impact on the lives of children. How you use your words with your kids determines how they understand the things of life.

Positive words being said to your children make them feel confident and positively see life. The reverse is the case when you use negative words on them.

Saying the wrong things to your little ones can make them feel sad and insecure while saying the right words can go a long way in helping them have a fulfilled day even in school.

Take note that, positive words hold a special place in a child’s heart, especially in times when you don’t get to be around them. Your words can serve as a constant reminder of how you feel and what you feel towards them.

Below are 8 positive words to always say to your kids:

1. You make me happy

These words make your child feel excited and encourage them to do better.

2. You make me proud

Children need to hear that they are doing a great job. Even when it’s difficult for them or when they are caught up right in their flaws.

It can encourage young ones to always attempt trying new things.

3. You are trustworthy

Telling your kids you trust them can help you forge a stronger bond with them. It also gives room for honesty and transparency between you and them.

4. You are loved so much by me

These are words you should say to your child as frequent as possible as it can build an unbreakable bond.

5. You are so special

Let them know how unique they are. It can lift up their spirit in ways you can’t even imagine.

6. You make me feel grateful

Be specific when saying this. Let them understand you appreciate them being a part of your life.

7. You have me always

Your kids are your jewel. Make them rely on you anytime any day.

8. You are more than important

Ensure your little boy or girl knows that they are your ultimate priority. Little words like these help strengthen their confidence in you.

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