Bae Allowance: 8 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Deserves An Allowance

21st-century love and romance come with certain requirements and expectations and one of them is finances. In recent times conversations around money and the financial capability of one’s partner has taken center stage. Women enjoy certain privileges when dating a man especially with their finances but nowadays you would find that certain men place their partners on something they term “Bae Allowance”

Bae Allowance: 8 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Deserves An AllowanceBae Allowance refers to the amount of money that a guy gives his woman on a regular basis. This amount is given to their partner to cover their financial obligations and also assist them financially so they can afford certain things. Many men expose their partners to a certain lifestyle in the course of their relationship or require them to look a certain way so money is required to fund this.

This allowance is important and plays a great role in your relationship and how it plays out in the long run. Here are 10 reasons why your girlfriend is entitled to bae allowance.
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  1. To Support her living standard
    Every man loves a woman who looks like eye candy and you can show off to the world when you both step out for a good day. These looks do not come cheap and require a huge amount of money to achieve. From your hair to your makeup and clothes none is cheap so if you want her to keep turning heads you need to drop some funds in the wallet.
  2. To earn love and respect in the relationship
    The famous words of Davido in his song Assurance come to mind where he said “Love is sweet and when money enter love is sweeter”. Have you ever wondered why wealthy men have less relationship drama it is simply because they have spoilt their women with enough money to earn their partner’s respect so if you want her to love and respect you hopelessly spoil her with money?
  3. She deserves an allowance
    Dating should come with remuneration from gifts to affections and also money. Your partner should get a remuneration (Payment)  for being with you and it shouldn’t be occasionally but a regular thing as she struggles daily to put up with you.
  4. To keep their women
    In today’s society, women’s attention is drawn by different things as society constantly calls and entices them with different things so if you don’t want her to wander away or leave you eventually you should spoil her with enough money.
  5. Set a standard
    Make her happy she’s dating someone like you and will give her a little bit of class because she might not move with any other man that is not your standard. Women love being able to rave about their men and show them off to the crowd and bae allowance is a good way to earn that status.
  6. To keep her happy
    A happy partner is a happy life and every man wants a happy woman beside them who loves them and celebrates them. One way to keep your woman happy is to cover all financial obligations and also add a monthly fixed amount to her account reminding her that you are able to bear all burdens.
  7. For monthly upkeep
    Being a girl or a lady is expensive and to be honest it is a world of unending bills and budgets. Girls are needy of material stuff toiletries etc. so as a man it would be nice for you to support with money that can afford these things.
  8. To support her business and dreams
    Your girl has dreams and aspirations and would need money to bring all her dreams to life. As a supportive partner who wants the best for her, you would need to financially help out to make things easier. The man can support his partner because part of being a couple is raising each other up.

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