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    10 Sexiest Foreplay Tips To Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies And Enjoy A Romantic Union!

    Foreplay is that passionate tip to live out your wildest fantasies. Sex is fun and exciting, but if you try and go straight at it without warming up first, it may not be as mind-blowing as it could be!

    Here are some of the sexiest foreplay tips you can ever use in bed:

    1. Start outside the bedroom

    Sex is most times, predictable when it is initiated within the walls of the bedroom all the time. Every now and then, initiate sex outside the bedroom.

    Get close to your partner and sit down for a few minutes while watching the television together. Just stroke your lover’s hands or play with their fingers in a flirty way, and when you feel the tingle of love, kiss your partner or cozy up under a blanket.

    2. Learn to kiss passionately

    Take your time to kiss your partner passionately. Even if you’ve kissed your lover a million times, a slow and sensual kiss can still feel intimate and sexy, like kissing them for the first time.

    Close your eyes, place your lips on your lover’s lips and play along, while moving your lips softly, slowly, and purposefully.

    3. Slowly explore their body

    Don’t be in a haste. As you kiss your lover, run your hands along their back or over their arms or shoulders. Vaginal penetration doesn’t have to be the only sexy thing you do in bed.

    Gently and passionately kiss your partner’s neck, arms, and the rest of their body. If your partner moans or relaxes their body, they probably like what you are doing.

    4. Dirty talk

    One of the best part about talking dirty in bed is that you can let your partner know about your darkest sexual fantasies without the fear of being judged by your lover.

    It’ll bring both of you closer, make both of you feel more intimate, and it’ll open a new door of sexual bliss.

    5. Remove one of the five senses

    You can remove one of the five senses, so that others can heighten.

    Blindfold your partner and/or tie up their hands, preventing them from using that sense. By restricting them and that sense, you arouse them and also open their other senses – a double whammy.

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    6. Try a sensual massage

    Your goal is not to put your partner to sleep, but rather, your goal is to get them horny. If you’re too massage-focused, you’ll turn into a day spa, and that’s not the goal here.

    Try to hit the areas that will turn your partner on, which is the mid-to-lower back, arms, shoulders, and inner thighs.

    7. Slowly undress your partner

    Undressing your partner can be highly arousing if you do it slowly and passionately.

    Feel their body with your fingers as you take off their shirt and pants. You’ll get them naked eventually, don’t worry, so just enjoy it.

    8. Stimulate all their senses

    Light some delicious-smelling candles, turn the lights down low, and put on your playlist of slow and sensual music. Then, focus on making them feel good through touch, or take it to the next level and glide an ice cube on their skin.

    9. Use your voice

    Get your voice low, right next to their ear, and whisper something sexy and erotic to get their imagination spinning.

    Better yet, use your voice to ask them what they want from you in a husky tone. Doing so not only makes them feel your hot breath tickle the inside of their ear, but they’ll just tell you what they want.

    10. Tease them on and off

    Increasing someone’s anticipation and playing tug of war with their pleasure is a great technique for foreplay.

    By giving them what they want and then drawing back, you increase their desire for it and build sexual tension.

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