10 Signs He’s Never Going To Settle Down With You

If you’ve been with your boyfriend for years, you’re probably hoping he’ll take the next step sometime soon. Not everyone necessarily wants to get married and have children, but most people want companionship and someone to share our lives with.

Below is 10 signs he’s never going to settle down with you.

You’ve never met his family: At some point in the relationship, it’s reasonable to expect your partner to introduce you to his family and friends. This is a clear sign that he’s serious about you and wants to integrate you into this life.

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He likes things the way they are: When you first started dating you weren’t his girlfriend, and several months in he still doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend.

He avoids future talk: If he jokes around when talk of the future comes up or tries to avoid it or gets defensive, this is a very bad sign.

He takes forever to respond: Some guys suck at communication, but there’s a difference between being bad at it and simply not caring. A guy who’s serious about you will at least check in and let you know he’ll be busy or call you and let you know what’s happening.

He don’t have a career: When people are looking to settle down, they make sure they’ve settled into a stable job and have their finances in order. A guy who’s still immature, unemployed, and has no ambition is not husband material and is clearly not looking to settle down.

He’s perfectly happy with his life: A sign that settling down just isn’t in his sights is that he’s perfectly fine with the way things are.

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He doesn’t believe in marriage: He might not agree with marriage and don’t believe with everything marriage comes with.

He has trust issues: He’s not ready to commit to you if he can’t even bring himself to trust you. Your relationship will devolve into a toxic mess, full of suspicion and anxiety.

He is careless: If you don’t like it when he’s out until sundown, he should respect your wishes. If he doesn’t he is not going to settle down with you.

He’s has a long record of short-term relationships: If he’s had a long record of short-term or failed relationships, then you need to be worried that it might not work in the long run.

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