10 Tips To Help You Remain Celibate In A Relationship

Choosing to remain celibate in a relationship means abstaining from any sexual activity. There are different reasons people choose to remain celibate, these reasons might be spiritual, physical, or a personal decision. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to be celibate since sex is a personal decision and it is about doing it when you are ready.
10 Tips To Help You Remain Celibate In A Relationship

When most people choose to be celibate, they abstain from all sexual activity including penetrative and non-penetrative sex, while others engage in things like outercourse. If you are curious or you are looking for some tips to help you remain celibate in your relationship be sure to pin this down because we’ve got you covered.
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Stay committed
You and your partner should stay committed to each other, and your decision. If you have decided to stay celibate then stay true to your decision. It might be challenging and put your relationship to the test but if you and your partner both respect the decision and stay committed to it, you can get through it.

Avoid temptation
Learn to avoid situations that will put you in a position to break your celibacy, go on outdoor dates like hiking, picnic, etc. if possible. These activities will help you and your partner bond more and take your mind off sexual tensions.

Find support
Being in a relationship when you’ve made the decision to be celibate can be challenging but it is not impossible. As long as you’re with someone who understands and supports you. There’s more to a relationship than sex and at the end of the day, it’s important to be in a relationship where you’re valued for your personality and attitude above anything else. You can always get support from other people who are going through a similar process or join a support group. There are support groups that have been created to help people trying to maintain celibacy in their relationships.
Communicate your decision to your partner
Communicate your decision to remain celibate as soon as possible so that you and your partner get on the same page. Explain whether your decision to be celibate is short-term or longer-term. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, also explain to your partner why being celibate is so important to you so that they understand your decision and respect it.
Know when to run
If you know you cannot deal with the fact of resisting the temptation and sub come to sex in the relationship then it’s better to run while you can. Better avoid the situation than try to stop the action midway through it.
We know that it isn’t easy to take away the urge of having sex in a relationship when you have chosen to be celibate, waiting while dating is wholly an exercise in self-discipline, and above all other things, discipline is what you need most.
Talk to someone
If you know someone who managed to abstain from sex before tying the knot, talk to him or her. It would definitely require some kind of close relationship to get to the point of speaking about something as intimate as this but if you’re lucky to have such a person, ask them how they did it. Their solutions could come in handy for you.
Guide your space
Keep away anything that will trigger the desire for sexual contact. Just so you know, spending time with your partner will sometimes trigger this desire. Your discipline will especially be most tested in these periods.
Learn how to satisfy your partner’s urges without having sex
You and your partner can always try other things asides from sex, this is advisable for those who are strong-willed and can really discipline themselves because you are going to need a lot of that. You could try foreplay and other activities that can be pleasing to your partner.

Get busy
Invest yourself in something that requires your time, dedication, and energy. The busier you are, the easier it will be to get lost in activities and forget about yourself and your urges.

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