10 Ways To Help Improve Your Partner’s Mental Health

Being in a relationship with someone you love can be amazing. It can also be difficult, as you face the trouble of everyday life. But if your partner struggles with mental illness, those issues can become much more intense for both of you.

Below is 10 ways to improve your partner’s mental health.

Encourage your partner to get the help they need: It’s important to encourage your partner to seek professional help for their mental health if they aren’t already.

Educate yourself: Gaining a deeper insight into what your partner is experiencing is necessary in helping them on their journey to recovery.

Exercise together: Daily exercise has proven to be hugely beneficial for those living with mental health issues. It can also be a great bonding experience and fun way to spend time with your partner.

Communicate Openly: Encourage your partner to communicate how they feel, no matter what. Actively listening, and having respect for one another’s feelings.

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Be A Good Listener: One of the best things partners can do is listen to their partner. Put an an effort to understand their experiences. It can be easy to assume you know what someone else is going through; however, this is not true.

Cycling: The movement can distract your partner mind from cares or worries, while you take in more sights and scenery.

Talk about wellbeing: Talk about ways of de-stressing or practicing self-care and ask if they find anything helpful. Exercising, having a healthy diet and getting a good nights sleep can help protect mental health and sustain wellbeing.

Running: Running has many benefits such as, stress relief and better sleep, both of which can really add towards your partner recovery. You can both run together everyday or even once a week.

Simple Breathing Exercise: Encourage them to take part in breathing exercises. ​Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Keep your shoulders relaxed and exhale slowly through your mouth.

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unconditional love: People with mental health frequently worry that they are unlovable. Offer your partner unconditional love, and reassure them that you love them.


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