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    7 Fun Exercises Family Can Do Together

    Adapting your family into a good habit of physical activity will last a lifetime. From dance parties to gardening, these exercise ideas can get the entire family moving together.

    Below is 7 fun exercises family can do together.

    Go on a family bike ride: Have you family go on a bike ride is a great way to get the heart pumping, and the fresh air will help you all sleep better.

    Swimming: Ducking, diving and racing kids in the pool are great for cardio. This is also a great family exercises that everyone will enjoy and can do together.

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    Trampolining: Reliving your childhood on a trampoline is so much fun. It is a fun way to exercise with family, you’ll hardly notice you’re out of breath.

    Start Dancing: You can turn dance into an exercise by enrolling the family in a dance class like tap, jazz, clogging, or ballet.

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    Build a Ninja Course: Have fun going through a challenging obstacle course while you have lots of fun too.

    Book family classes: Find out about fitness classes that are offered to parents and kids together, such as swimming, aerobics or yoga. These exercises help strengthen the body and mind, and doing them as a family provides another way for you to all spend quality time together.

    Lift Some Weights: Weight lifting is great because it helps to strengthen your muscles while also fasting up your metabolism. You can make this exercise easier for younger children by lifting less weight.

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