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    10 Signs You Are About To Become A Baby Mama/Baby Daddy

    The baby mama/baby daddy syndrome is now a trend all over the world, from celebrities to ordinary people. Most times you hear people give certain excuses as to why they wish to be baby mama’s/baby daddies.
    10 Signs You Are About To Become A Baby Mama/Baby Daddy

    Some say that they are not ready to settle down and want no relationship drama in their lives hence they take the other option of having a baby and raising one, while some never had the intentions of being baby mama’s/baby daddies but there were unfortunate enough to become one. For those who are not ready to be a baby mama/baby daddy, but you seem to be caught in the middle, confused as to how your relationship is turning out different, there are signs that can tell you are on your way to becoming a baby mama/baby daddy. Be sure to pin this down for reference.
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    If your partner never talks about marriage with you
    This is a major sign, Imagine being in a relationship for so long, and whenever you try to bring up a conversation about marriage your partner seems uninterested or reluctant to converse with you or try to deviate then it is obvious he/she don’t imagine their future with you in it more than it already is.
    If your partner already has a baby mama/baby daddy
    It’s a normal phenomenon to accept whereby a man or a woman who already has children with other people don’t seem interested in marriage, there is every sign that he is not ready or wants to be with one woman. Rather you thinking that your relationship with him will turn out any different will only disappoint you.

    You don’t have any clear plans
    When you don’t have any goals to work toward, no projects on the table and you’re just living, it’s easier to act impulsively and make poor decisions. Women and men with a planned destination can evaluate the long-term effects of their actions.
    If the pull-out method is your preferred form of contraception
    Remaining sexually active and childless requires effort. Be on the safe side and always use contraception, rather than settle for the pull-out method.
    All your partner cares and talks about is sex
    If all your partner cares about and talks about is sex, then you are definitely in for it. Just get your mind prepared that you could become a baby mama/baby daddy any minute later.
    If your partner is interested in being with other people besides you
    If you are with someone who doesn’t take you seriously and doesn’t mind being with other people while with you, there is every possibility that you could become a lonely baby mama/baby daddy and it will end in that.

    If your partner is uninterested in commitment
    Commitment is one thing that defines a relationship. If you meet a man or a woman telling you he is not ready to commit but ready to do all the things people in a committed relationship do then run, because trust it when we say ‘it will end in tear’ and you might be placed with a responsibility you are not ready to handle.

    If you are the side piece in the relationship
    We all know that the side piece in the relationship is probably prone to be on the sidelines forever. If your partner already has a family but ends up putting you in the family way be rest assured that all you’ll ever be is someone who has a child for him/her.

    You are not interested in settling down
    You not being interested in settling down, but wishing to have a kid will definitely lead you into the baby mama/baby daddy lifestyle. This is the life so many people choose to live these days, they would rather have a baby than settle down.
    You like to have a good time all the time
    It’s great to let have fun every once in a while, but living like you got nothing doing shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Clubbing, hooking-up that shouldn’t be it. The party girl/boy lifestyle will have you pushing a stroller or paying for child support before you know it. You’re only one-night stand away from “How did this happen?”

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