10 Beautiful Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses of 2021

Many people nowadays go for the traditional long white dress for their wedding. But, that is just is boring and not very unique. Some people still associate white with purity and insist that a bride should wear white to show her purity on her wedding day. This is reason to opt for a different colour or style.


A different style of wedding dress or colour can show your uniqueness and most importantly you can be true to yourself in finding comfort. There are a number of famous celebrity brides who choose alternative wedding dresses and this should give you courage to try on alternative dresses.

Below is 10 beautiful alternative dresses you should consider for you wedding.

Red dress shows confidence and a sense of style and courage. You feel comfortable with yourself and looks great in photos.

Tuxedo has always been considered the evening outfit and comfortable. Its shows that you can break people views that it is only meant for men.

A sheer top with a skirt is a great options and shows that your different. It is simple and beautiful. 

A silky dresses hit right now so why not consider this as a alternative for your wedding. Silk dresses can work on any body type and allow cuts and colours flatter and accentuate your assets.

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A velvet dress is beautiful and the best thing is about the material is its ability to look very  expensive, no matter how much it costs. It has the ability to insulate and make a body look perfect. 

This style cuts across the chest and upper arms to creates bare shoulders. It makes the dress both flirty and fun. This is just the perfect alternative wedding dress. 

A mini black dress is always a simple, classy and fun option, so why not consider it as a alternative for your wedding. This dress absolutely goes with everything and you won’t be left disappointed in your decision. 

This gorgeous flowy dress is perfect and very eye catching. The colour is bright and would look amazing in all your pictures. 

A beautiful glittery strapped dress is just perfect for a wedding and is the perfect alternative dress. 

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A gorgeous jumpsuit is an alternative choice and very comfortable. It makes a modern alternative to your best dresses. They’re also good to walk in. 


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