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    10 Reasons Why You Should Get Matching Tattoos With Your Partner

    A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting ink, dyes into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. Matching tattoos is a sign that you care deeply enough about one another.

    Matching tattoos are really symbolic and can represent a deeply meaningful and close  partnership, it can also be a decision based in passion.

    Below are 10 reasons why you should get matching tattoos with your partner.

    Love: Getting a tattoo shows the you both care deeply about each other and shows your close bond and love for each other. It will be the most romantic things you both do. It is a lifetime commitment and something that will link you for the rest of your lives.

    Symbolic: Tattoos often represent thoughts and feelings that you have not spoken about or acknowledged to other people and sometimes even yourself. Matching tattoos with your partner can have a deeper meaning that you’ll will ever know.

    Form of Expression: Tattoos are the ultimate form of expression. Marking and altering the body as a way to express each other personality and exhibit solidarity with each other.

    Helps insecurities: Often people get insecure and want to get rid of stuff on the body which one does not like or prefer. Birthmarks, stretch marks, etc can be covered by inking your body.

    Getting a matching tattoo with your partner on your insecurity area will make you feel better about getting the tattoo because your partner matched with you.

    Get motivated: Every morning you wake up, there is a message that your tattoo has and reminds you of each other and what you have to do. It will motivated you both greatly.

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    Meaningful: A picture and words says a thousand words and your matching tattoos are you and your partners life story together. The matching tattoo will reflect on who you are as a couple.

    Strengthen the immune system: Tattoos can work to lower the body’s cortisol levels, which has a positive effect on the immune system. It is less susceptible to illness. Matching Tattoos with your partner will be a valuable way to protect each other from sickness.

    Tattoos are Forever: You get to wear an incredible and meaningful piece of artwork for the rest of your life and take it with you to your grave. When you and your partner have a fight, you could always look at the tattoo and see and think about how much you care about each other.

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    Confidence Boosters: If you and your partner are low on confidence, tattoos are a great way to get it back to a higher level. Every tattoo you and your partner choose would have a specific meaning in your life that only both of you can know.

    Bonding experience: It is considered a sign of love and bonding. The bonding experience is accomplished by getting a matching tattoo with your partner. A strong bond will be formed between each other through this process.


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