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    10 Reasons Why You Should Never Make A Sex Tape

    Getting intimate with a partner is such a beautiful and exciting thing and it creates fireworks in our inner self. Many times partners love to record themselves as they feel that it is a symbol of intimacy and affection. Some partners record sex tapes as a way to keep their significant order happy as they remember the wild night they shared together and the magic they created.

    10 Reasons Why You Should Never Make A Sex TapeCreating a sex tape may sound like fun and excitement but as you nurse that thought in your head it is important for you to remember that it could also destroy everything you have ever owned or worked for. Here are 10 reasons why you should never make a sex tape.
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    1. It could be released on the internet
      Sex tapes can get into the wrong hands and the next thing is seeing your tape circulating across social media platforms and many people getting full viewing pleasure of your tape.
    2. You can be blackmailed
      When a tape makes it into the wrong hands they could use it as a way to extort money and other things from you holding you to ransom. Blackmailers never stop no matter the begging or money you give out.
    3. You will disappoint your family and friends
      The people who mean the world to you will never be able to understand how you could have put yourself in such a disappointing situation. Your family, friends will deal with the regret, shame that you have brought to them.
    4. You’ll have your body/performance critiqued by strangers

      If your tape does make it onto the wild wild web, every inch of your body will be up for discussion. Many strangers and viewers watch your video and make a decision on your sexual life and choices.

    5. Public shame and ridicule
      You will live with the stigma and public ridicule for the rest of your life as many will forever see you like that girl and no matter what happens in the future this identity becomes yours.
    6. Destroy’s chances of future relationships
      How do you explain to your future partners that your sex tape is out there? You will be judged, condemned by them, and end up losing chances of a future relationship.
    7. It could possibly ruin your career
      When your tape is leaked or released on the internet you have work colleagues who recognize you and your personality is questioned in the workplace. You could be fired, your career jeopardized for life as many do not want to have anything to do with you.
    8. Your future children could see it
      If you intend to have kids in the future then this is a red flag and a no for you because your kid’s will might one day run into the clip and ask questions.
    9. You’ll always be the butt of dirty jokes
      When people want to make dirty jokes about sex and nasty stuff your name comes to mind and you are dragged through the mud.
    10. He might show it to his friends
      His friends will have a filled day in their homes, group chat, and offices watching a clip of you and him. They would also spend a lot of time feasting on your body and making jokes about it.

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